About The Institute

The Israeli Institute of Energy and Environment (IIEE) was originally founded as the Israel Institute of Petroleum and Energy in 1964.

The IIEE mission is to promote and improve the technological and economic knowledge of petroleum, energy and environment, and to create a supportive business environment for the energy and oil processing industries in Israel.

The members of the Institute are: all the energy corporations and oil processing industries in Israel, including: fuel companies, the Israel Electric Corporation, oil refineries, infrastructure and transportation companies, LPG and natural gas companies, the large chemical companies, and independent producers of energy and electricity.

The activity at the Institute covers several main areas:

  1. Handling the regulation relating to members of the Institute

Implemented through professional committees. The committee members are  professionals from  the companies, production plants, and entities that are members of the Institute. Representatives from academia, government ministries and state authorities (the Ministry of Economy, Ministry of Environmental Protection, IDF, Home Front Command, Water Authority, Fire and Rescue Services, etc.) also take part in the committee discussions. The conclusions and recommendations of the committees are forwarded to all the relevant entities and are made into: "Good Practice or Recommended Practice."

  1. Professional activities

The Institute operates a laboratory that employs experts specializing in the fields of petroleum and land, and it provides the industry with an extensive source of information. The research unit enriches the knowledge required by the fuel sector, and investigates and proposes solutions to problems related to operating the facilities in this industry. 

  1. Training activities and conferences

The School of Petroleum and Energy Sciences, which operates as part of the Institute, was founded in 1973; it coordinates the professional training and qualification activity of the Institute for engineers, geologists, economists and technicians in the natural gas, petroleum, chemical and energy industries. The school building was constructed with the help of donations by the late Mr. Gershon Gordon from Zurich, Switzerland.

The school offers seminars, courses, symposiums, and conferences on: natural gas, oil and energy, oil economics, oil technology, energy efficiency and management, alternative energy, and oil and gas exploration.

With respect to training, the school works in partnership with the American Petroleum Institute (API) and other international entities, and it provides certification courses for examination and handling of equipment at the companies for professionals in Israel. Hundreds of employees participate in the school's training activities every year.

The Institute holds an annual convention for the energy sector and conferences on energy forecasts, which provide a meeting place for members of the industry, government authorities, the capital market, and academia.

  1. Publicity and Communication

The Institute operates a publication department, assisted by professionals, in order to demonstrate the industry's contribution to the state economy.

Institute publications include:

  press releases regarding the state of the industry, including the Energy Index, which is published once a month. The Index reflects the change in total expenditures on energy for all sectors of the Israeli economy (including households).

  Web-based publications – a biweekly energy sheet is distributed by mail to all decision makers in the energy sector, and a magazine on renewable energy is distributed once a month.

  Informational pamphlets – a printed magazine is distributed to members of the Institute every quarter.

 Professional literature which includes, the book "Petroleum and Its Products" and the book "Selected Topics Regarding Oils and Lubricants."  

  1. International Activities at the Israeli Institute of Energy and Environment

Members of the professional committees of the Institute participate in the activity of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) on issues related to oil. The Institute hosts meetings of ISO committees.

Israel has been a member of the World Petroleum Council (WPC) for over 30 years and is represented by the Israeli Institute of Energy and Environment.

The Energy Institute is a member of the International Gas Union (IGU), and represent the entities that are involved with natural gas in Israel.

The Energy Institute is a member of the Israeli committee of the World Energy Council (WEC(

The Energy Institute represents Israel at international conferences and maintains regular contact with petroleum institutes and research institutes around the world.

The Israeli Institute of Energy and Environment

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